Friday, August 1, 2014

Letter #6 from the Provo MTC

     Only 1 word can describe the week I've had.....WOW.
Lot's happened this week, and whether they seemed good or bad in the moment, I definitely learned something from them all!!
     So on Thursday nights I have what's called TRC, which is pretty much home-teaching members of the church in Polish(while still on MTC property). Elder Wilcox and I prepared a lesson on receiving revelation through church attendance. We were teaching a war veteran and his wife. The man had been stationed in Poland shortly before the Cold War. The lesson went great. We read scriptures and taught them and bore testimony, and the Spirit was totally there! Then, things turned South. The vet then turned to his wife after the lesson, and proceeded to laugh out loud at a small reading mistake I had made when reading in Księga Mormona. I guess my CH's had too much C and not enough guttural H... He laughed at the fact that the Polish people were going to make so much fun of me for that...

........So yeah, that happened. I prayed for patience and love, and the Lord helped me turn that experience into one of the biggest blessings I've had so far on my mission. I needed someone to knock me down and tell me I couldn't do it. That experience motivated me like no other. If I thought I had studied hard before, I was so mistaken! I've learned so much since last Thursday night, it's incredible!
     I've also had some pretty amazing experiences this week! Elder Wilcox and I had the opportunity to bless a new sister who was having some troubles with a surgery she had before coming into the MTC. She had a huge hole in her back that had started bleeding and pussing and hurting her since she got to the MTC.  I anointed her, and Elder Wilcox and I gave her a Priesthood blessing. She was blessed that the wound would begin to heal. The next morning she woke up, and the hole was completely covered over. It hasn't given her troubles since... What a miracle from the Lord! I am so grateful I was able to be a part of that experience!
     Another cool experience I've had this week happened when I was talking with one of the new elders back in the residence one night. looking back, I realize the Spirit completely guided our entire conversation. we were supposed to be talking about one thing, but (miraculously), the conversation turned, and we were talking about important things. Even as he was telling me the story, the Elder said, "I don't even know why I'm telling you all this"... It was the Spirit helping him, I know it! He told me his whole life story, including info he never tells anyone. This elder has had a very hard life-moving around the world, settling just long enough in foreign countries for his dad's job to end up not working out, and then they'd move again. Because of this, he was never able to have real friends, and has rarely opened up to anyone before. He moved back to the states a few years ago. he told me he had made some huge mistakes, and that he didn't do good things in high school. Well, this last December his Dad died of lung cancer... nobody here knows except me and Elder Wilcox.  The day before his dad died, he had a talk with this Elder. This Elder then decided to fix his life. his Dad died the next day, and his Mom became unresponsive for forever, but he talked to priesthood authority, repented, and turned his life around. He went through the temple, and was called on a mission. I found out he was having doubts if he should even be out here on a mission right now. Then, the spirit took over. The Spirit was bringing all these experiences I've had that were absolutely PERFECT for his situation. All these thoughts were coming to my head, which were NOT my own, and I just had to put them into words for him to hear. I was prompted to give him a certain promise... a big promise. I hesitated because it was a big one, but decided to follow through with my goal to follow the Spirit, no matter what. I promised him that if he went and prayed that night, and talked with God, and told him how he was feeling, and what the situation was, that God would answer his prayers, and tell him that he IS supposed to be out here on a mission. The next morning, he acted completely different. When I brought it up, he smiled at me, and told me he now knows he's supposed to be on a mission right now. The lord truly answered his prayers, and my many prayers, and allowed me to help one of His children. I wouldn't have been able to do that without God and His spirit, and I am so grateful!
     Another cool story; Brother Robinson is the first counselor in my Branch Presidency. He's a lawyer, and he's such a great guy! He pulled me aside one night this week and told me something pretty neat. He showed me a picture of one of his grandsons, who, he pointed out, has brown eyes like mine. Brother Robinson told me that their family wants him to grow up to be just like me-and that they are even having him pick back up piano lessons... that was such an honor and a cool experience for me!
     I also got to see my boy Riley this week during my Sunday temple walk! I was honestly shaking, I was so excited to see him! I was so grateful to get to see him again for a few minutes... love that guy!
     Jezus Chrystus prowadzi to kościół. to wiem. Ja wiem że to kościół jest prawdziwa i ksiąga mormona jest słowo Boże. jestem bardyo scęsliwy bo to jest Jego Praca. JA KOCHAM GO!!

Kocham was!
Starszy Quackenbush

Elder McEuen and Elder Quack

Elder Quack and Elder Erickson

Elder Quack and Elder Riley Wardrop

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