Monday, February 16, 2015

Attributes to report....

Hey y'all!
    I've gots to start with the attributes report this week! This last
week I was working on 1) not judging others 2) joy in the journey
3) getting up and moving in the morning. I really feel like I made some
real progress with my goals this week! Here's what I learned: 1) it's
so much easier to not judge others when you try to look at things from
their perspective.... People have some pretty rough lives over here,
and I don't really blame them for sometimes getting mad when people
on the street try to start talking to them. I did a lot better
replying kindly to the negative and frustrating comments this week-but
there's always room for improvement! Next time I work on that goal, I
want to do better at actually Meaning what I say to the nastiest of
comments-that's the end goal!  2) joy in the journey.  I've been
praying and searching about this one for a while, now... and last
night I finally found my answer. It's very long and it was actually
brought about through the 'Riccardi letter' if any of you have heard
of it. I love it and it's going to be one of those things that I look
back on and realize that it changed my mission. The Lord is so good to
me. 3) getting up and moving. I did real good this week! It almost
became a game to see who could get to the alarm first. I won for the
first 2 times this transfer at beating Elder Berlin out of bed... I'm
taking my medal and running with it:)
     This next week, I'm working on humility, giving everything to the
Lord (trials, challenges, pains, entire week, etc), and living in
Thanksgiving more for what I do have.... I invite you all to play
along with me and to try it out yourselves... let's see what we can
learn this week!
     This week was really one of the best weeks of my mission (I feel
like I've started saying that a lot...?). It was one of those weeks
where you're kind of proving to the Lord how far you actually will go
to be obedient and to continue to work, even though not many people
actually are wanting to talk to you. Elder Berlin and I worked really
hard, and actually found some pretty cool people-even though the
"numbers" were low this week.
   I started off the week with an exchange with Elder Hon (our zone
leader from Bydgoszcz). He's an Arizona Boy, too! Higley high... so
that's pretty cool! We had a really good time and I sure learned a
lot. It is always good to get another perspective on my missionary
work, so I can see the things I can improve, and work on them. It was
a really good experience!
    On Saturday, we met Henryk Myk. He's an older guy(looks like a
branch president already), and is super wise. We contacted him on a
super awkward contact, and ended up walking him to the chapel and
inviting him to church the next day. He came to sacrament meeting, and
ended up staying at the church for 4 hours-sacrament, sunday school,
mission prep, and an hour of meeting with members and us. He's solid,
and I'm so grateful to get to work with him! He is so excited for the
missionary lessons-we got his number and we start on Friday at 18:00!
    Paweł came to church, again!! I love that guy so much! He's been
to church for 2 weeks in a row, and that is such a blessing in both of
our lives! He is really learning a lot, and loves to be in church...
he just has to get that desire to make the baptismal covenant, too...
because he's doing a lot of the other stuff!
    So funny story: we met this guy named Piotr on the streets like 4
weeks ago. We got his number, and tried to set up with him a few
times. Finally, he set up, and his son, Piotr Jr ended up coming (I
think it was him on the line the whole time). We taught him about the
Book of Mormon, and talked about english, too. We met with him like on
Saturday, and he had read out of the Book of Mormon since last
week-and didn't bring it because his whole family was wondering about
it and reading parts of it that day...! We are hoping and praying that
something will come of that...! I have this dream of Piotr being the
next missionary out of Poland.... we'll see!
     Dawid. Dawid is the man! He is still reading a ton and praying
and searching for an answer! He wants to know, and he wants to come
closer to Christ... he just has to come to church!! Ahhhhhhhh... pray
for that man for me.
    Romald and Irena are doing good. We met with Romald this
week(Irena was too tired), and had a decent meeting. He keeps getting
sidetracked by minute details like "why are the Lamanites
dark-skinned... how is that fair?"........ so we're still working on
them! They are still praying and reading and wanting to come to
know..... we're having faith!
    Transfer calls are on Saturday.... and transfers next Tuesday...
I'm so excited to find out! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll end up
staying with Elder Berlin. I have really come to love that guy-and
he's an awesome missionary! We'll see what next week brings!
     I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is
true. I really do. I know that God hears and answers our prayers (and I
know that sometimes the answer can actually be 'no'). I know that God
loves us, and wants to help and bless us-we just need to turn to him
and do what he asks! I love the gospel so much, and I love my mission!
I wouldn't trade it for anything! I had the awesome experience
yesterday to have a P.I. with myself and the Lord-and see where I'm
at, and how the first 8 months of my mission have been. I am so
grateful to be able to say that I am proud of the work I've done, and
so excited to continue to work and to learn and to grow in the future!
I love y'all.. make it the best week yet!
Love you,
Elder Quackenbush

My MTC companion Elder Wilcox

First two pictures:  My MTC companion

Pic Dsc402: this pic is a sweet chill lesson I had with a guy named Darek. Ilook really mad for some reason-but we were both actually loving thelesson

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