Monday, February 23, 2015

Staying in Szczein....

Elder Quack is doing great.....
Hey y'all!This week was definitely a highlight week! I was able to make somereal progress with my goals this week, too! 1)Humility went reallywell this week, especially as we ended the end of the transfer. Theend of the transfer always makes you a little tired-I mean come one...we've spent the last 10 weeks together. I was able to practicehumility as I forced myself to stay patient and humble, and not letmyself just give up on the transfer during the last week and take onthat "I know what's going on" attitude with my companion. It'sdefinitely really easy to slip into, sometimes, and I was really gladthat it wasn't me this last week :)    2)Giving Everything to theLord: I've really enjoyed working on this goal this week. I was ableto realize that every single minute I'm out here is dedicated to theLord-so whether or not our teaching time was destroying our lunchschedule, or if we were supposed to do something out of the ordinaryin order to accomodate the Spirit, we did it! I could really tell thatas we did so, and as we focused on doing the Lord's will through thepromptings of his Spirit, that we had His Spirit more with us, andthat we were able to be really successful missionaries. 3) living inThanksgiving. Literally I loved this one. I always try to bethankful/grateful for the things that I've been given, but working onthis goal this week has helped me realize even the smaller blessings,and the blessings that I normally miss when I'm not paying attention!I really was able to recognize the blessings of the Lord as I focusedon being grateful for the blessings that I actually did recognize.This weeks goals were pondered and prayed about, and I'm going to beworking on 1)love 2)building others up 3) Being "real" with people andthus showing my true love. If you'de like to join in with me,zapraszam! :) Thanks y'all!   So this week was CRAZY!!!! We met with Grzegorz in his home, andtaught him about God is Our Loving Heavenly Father, the Gospel BlessesFamilies, and the Book of Mormon. We were able to feel the Spiritthroughout the entire lesson, and were bold enough to explain theSpirit, ask him to focus on it, and to tell him that we were feelingthe Spirit. At the end of the lesson he said "I feel the Spirit, too".We almost died..... that is literally one of the sweetest parts ofmisisonary work-helping others feel the Spirit and build theirtestimonies!   Edmund(Formerly known as Henryk) has a BAPTISMAL DATE! 14th ofMarch. He was so ready and excited to be baptized, he said "why do youthink I'm here right now...?" Unfortunately, he sees wine in the bibleand has a problem with the word of wisdom. We tried to explain it, andit didn't work... so we committed him to live without wine for thenext few weeks, and to continue to ask God is that is right. Wepromised him blessings, and invited him to church! Unfortunately, hewasn't in church(even though he was present last week), and his phoneis off. (I'm not too worried about that being intentional-he doesn'treally know how to use his new phone... and it wasn't working thenight we got his number... so we're praying that he comes to familyhome evening to night, or to institute, or to church next Sunday, orthat we find him on the street!)   Transfer calls came... Elder Berlin and I are staying together inSzczecin! I know it's a blessing that I have Elder Berlin as acompanion as I prepare for some big things in the future... it's goingto be a great transfer! I know that this is where the Lord needs me tobe, and that I'm doing what He needs me to do. I've had that Spiritualwitness many times over the course of the last week-before and aftertransfer calls. I am so grateful for the companionship of the HolyGhost! He really does testify of truth! I love the Gospel with all myheart, and I'm so grateful to be a missionary!Love y'all! make it the best week ever!
LoveElder Quackenbush

Picture #1  Romald and Dziadek(czyli Grandpa)
Picture #2  So that's pretty cool. Pasteciki-I've been avoiding them for the last 4 months due to theirtendency to cause obesity, but for Elder Weiler's last day inSzczecin, we went as a district.
Picture #3    Me and my comp Elder Berlin
Picture #4   A holiday in Poland where you
eat as many donuts as you can..... the record is 38.... and I got 5.

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