Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Goal work this week...

Hey Fam!! So this week was a really good week in a lot of ways, and also alittle bit of one of those disappointing weeks.... but it'sokay-things are great!    One of the good things that happened this week were my goals. Ifeel like i Actually made some improvements this week, and especiallysince the beginning of my mission, so that was such a good experienceto have-I'm super grateful that I've at least gotten a little bitbetter since I left good 'ole G-town. :) My goal with loving otherscan really be summed up into one experience this week... So onSaturday we were doing a whiteboard on this super busy street corner,and we were talking with people about how it's possible for us tofollow Jesus Christ(leading it into baptism as a choice by someonewith authority)... So we were solo-contacting, and I was using mypersonal Księga Mormona(she's my baby) to teach people on the streets.I was in the middle of this sweet lesson with a nice gentleman, andtwo Hooli's walked up(*short side-note: Hooli comes from Hooliganwhich is like their lame gang here in Poland... literally the entrancerequirement is that you've got to just be a turd to everyone(pleaseexcuse the language)... so there's that...). I had just gottenfinished reading Moroni's promise with the man, and the Hooli'sinterrupted and asked what was going on and what not. I startedtalking to all 3 of them, and the Hooli's weren't that interested. Oneof them hit the book out of my hand and walked away. I caught my Bookof Mormon(yeah, I felt like a baller), and was ready to throw punches.I decided instead to unclench my jaw and fists, and instead wish thema very good day, and went back to teaching my street buddy. It wasreally a blessing from the Lord, because the old Justin Quackenbushwould have had a real problem with that, but I was able to exercisesome love, and learn something from the experience! Building upothers-This week was a really good week for looking for opportunitiesto build up others because it was a new transfer. I was able to talkall about all the good qualities in Elder Berlin, and build him upreally well when he wasn't there, and it felt good-it really did. I amgoing to try to do better not just with not talking BAD about otherpeople, but in going out of my way to say something good about them.Being real with the people-this one was my favorite one. I surelearned to love the Polish people as I worked to be as real aspossible with them. I started talking to the people on the street likethey were my best friends, and it really made a difference! Peopleopen up so much better when they really feel the love, and havesomeone telling them about something they personally love, and whathelps them... it was a really cool experience this week! After prayingand searching, I have decided that this next week I will work on1)Caring for others(I guess God's trying to teach me something?)2)Leaving the house with a smile every single time
3)Serving someone(explicitely) every day. If you'd like to join me, proszębardzo! I will report next week... thanks y'all :)    New Transfer, New Peeps. I already really miss Elder Weiler. I'veserved around that man for almost 5 months, and we've had some reallygood times. He's a great missionary, and he's going to do some realwork in another part of the Lord's vineyard. Elder Jourdan is our newdistrict leader in Szczecin. I sure love that guy already! He's superfun to be around, and he's a lot like me when it comes topersonalities and friendships-I'm super excited for this transfer withhim. Unfortunately, the man has some Swag, and I'm worried I mighthave to hide my debit card from myself.... :/     Sooooooooo Elder Berlin and I were able to teach a bunch ofreally cool street lessons this week! Unfortunately, it was more of aplanting week as nobody would answer their phones/give theirnumbers/want to re-meet. It's okay-they'll be ready one day, maybejust not today...? We dropped Romald and Irena this week, too. She hasbeen busy at "sport" the last few times, and he just really isn'tprogressing. We told him that(lovingly), and that if he really wantedthis, that he needed to come to church. I think he'll turn up one day.:) Elder Berlin and I are trying to figure out the best way to getpolish people to come to church on Sunday. Polish people aren'texactly prone to church attendance.... but we're not about that life.We're continuing to work to get these wonderful people to church,where they can feel the Spirit and realize that this is where theyneed to be!    We did have a really cool experience with Paweł this week! Wehadn't heard from him in forever, and he hadn't been to church, and wewere out contacting one day this week in city center. We got theimpression to continue on right, even though the chapel where we weregoing was over to our left. We followed the prompting, and ran rightinto Paweł. He walked right up to us! He's been so busy with work andfinding an apartment and worrying about his family, and we were ableto offer to give him a priesthood blessing to help him through it. Hewas super excited for that, and thought it would be super helpful.Hopefully he makes it to family home evening tonight and we are ableto have that experience with him!    Sunday night we had family dinner over at our house with the Gaysand the other Elders. It was really a good time as we were able tobond with the district, and have fun together during our meal times! Iam really excited for this transfer with my district!     I absolutely LOVE being a missionary of Jesus Christ and HisChurch. I know that it is true. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christleads us to happiness in this life, and also in the life to come! I amso grateful to be a part of this church! I love the gospel, and I loveall of y'all!  Make it the best week yet!Love,Starszy Quackenbush

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