Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th ...Whew...on the mend maybe.

 Well guys, Jeszcze Żyję:) So this week was another one of those weeks
where you almost just have to laugh at the fact that you Ever had yourlife together...! This week I really learned that God really is incontrol-and if we just follow His plan, then everything eventuallyworks out! It was a really tough week, but it really made me gratefulto be able to be a missionary. After being stuck inside or in theoffice for 3 weeks, I almost went crazy! God pushed me and tried mejust to the point of breaking, and then everything turned back around.I went to the hospital again on Thursday, and everything is going tobe fine. I'm obviously not all the way better, but I told PresidentEdgren that if I stay in Warsaw for another day, then I'm going to gocrazy. He laughed and let me go back to Szczecin on Friday!!!! Itfeels SO good to be back. I've sure missed this place, and I've reallymissed Elder Berlin. I really really enjoyed being in the office withElders Swicegood and Guthrie(love those guys-they're pretty awesome!),and I really got to realize how tough it really is to be in theoffice. It used to be that trouble missionaries got sent to the officebefore President Edgren came, but President changed that. Right now wehave an AP and a branch president in there, and they're really got themission on their backs... I'm proud of those guys!     Anyways, Szczecin is doing really good. Elder Berlin and I havethe opportunity to work with some really cool people. Unfortunately, abunch of the baptismal dates have fallen off the map/went to Germanyfor a month/other excuses... but that's not going to stop us.Dawid(the one we've been working with for forever) is doing SO good.He's still searching and reading and meeting with us, and he'seven wanting to come to church! It's a miracle seeing that change! Wehave a meeting with him with Jerzy on the lesson this Wednesday! :)     We had a branch party at the Gay's on Saturday night before theyleft today. It was literally some of the most fun I've had in my life.We had investigators and members there, and it was hilarious. I ReallyReally love these people.    Also, I got sustained as Branch President in Szczecin yesterday,which was really cool! I've known for a little while, and I'm soexcited and ready to serve here in Szczecin and to work with ourawesome members in our branch! I'm really going to learn and grow alot-that's for sure!     The Gays left this morning to Warsaw. They're flying hometomorrow. It's really tough because over the last 5 months, they'rebecome my 3rd set of grandparents. We're not supposed to hugsisters(that's for sure) but I gave Sister Gay and Elder Gay huge hugsbefore they left. I promised to visit them, and even told them I'mbringing a girl to them for approval before I agree to marryanyone-because she's got to pass the Sister Gay test :) They're great,and we're sure going to miss them!     Other than that, everything's good! I'm really excited to getback to work and to work together with Elder Berlin to help peoplecome to Christ. Miracles are happening. I am grateful for the trialsin my life that help me to better myself, and come closer to mySavior, Jesus Christ. I love Him, and will follow Him! Love y'all,make it the best week ever!Love,Starszy Quackenbush

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