Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th ...The Battle continues

Hey y'all!    Man, this week was really a good week! Some crazy stuff happened,and I'm so excited to tell all about it!    I never thought I'd say it... but Elder Berlin and I have abaptismal date with a murderer :) Czyli we met a guy on the street,had a cool talk, and then walked him to the chapel where we had amember waiting. We had a member lesson, and taught him about thegospel, and invited him to be baptized. He wanted to be baptized onthe 30th of May. Unfortunately, he's not exactly all the way there,and needs some professional and medical help.... but that was a greatexperience, and he didn't kill us. So that was a plus :)    A lot of funny things happened this week. Elder Berlin and Icontacted some guy on the street who was wearing huge headphones(likethe Beats style). We told him we were inviting others to listen to amessage about how we can come closer to Jesus Christ through acceptingrestored truths, and he just laughed. He took off his headphones andput them on me... and he was listening to hard-core satanic was awesome. It was almost as weird as this one time where some guyhad me read the poem that he had tattooed on his chest... that wasanother good time!     Really, though, miracles are happening in Szczecin. We finallywere able to meet with a referral from Poznan named Mariusz. He's afirefighter, 27years old, and has a fiance. He's the coolest. He ispreparing to be baptized on the 30th of May, and he's so ready. He hasbeen searching for the true church for 10 years. We told him aboutMoroni's promise in Moroni 10:3-5, and all about how he could gain asure witness through the Holy Ghost that what we are telling him isthe truth. Since then, he has been texting me Daily, searching thescriptures, and even watched two different live sessions of GeneralConference on his computer. He's golden. I'm so excited to work withhim. The Lord is really blessing us! I'm so grateful for theopportunity to get to work with him and help him come unto Christ. :)   Other great news is that Lech is back! He had been going throughsome tough times, and has finally come back around. Everything isgood-we had a meeting with him this week, and he even came with us tolook for less-actives Saturday morning! Also, we found Ewa!! She is amember that has been gone for a while, now. We finally caught her athome, exchanged numbers with her, and will be in contact on Wednesdaywith her so that we can meet with her at her home... we are soexcited!    General Conference has been absolutely amazing. I have loved everysecond of it. I have a sticky-note about the questions that I haveneeded answered, and prayed for help in answering my questions-andeverything they're saying is exactly for me. It's the most beautifulthing ever... the church is so true, and God has given us a prophetand apostles in our day. Please make sure and get as much as you canout of conference... I promise that something will touch your heart ifyou are seeking answers and searching with real intent! :)     Unfortunately, I did end up getting sent back to Warsaw Saturdayafternoon. Things aren't really getting better, and I'm in some prettygood pain. I'm back in the mission home, and have been in a fewhospitals here in Warsaw over the past few days. (It was actually areally good experience... I was stuck in some nasty polish hospital atlike 2:30 in the morning trying to tell people in Polish why and whereI'm hurting and all that fun stuff.... it was a really good experiencefor me! I have an appointment with an internal medicine doctortomorrow at 11:00 so that someone can finally figure out what's wrong.I don't really know what to do, other than continue to have faith andtrust that the Lord knows what he's doing with me. I know that God hasa plan for each and every one of us, and I am so grateful for theopportunity I have to be able to learn and grow so much throughoutthis earth life. I have really learned a lot, and realized some thingsthat I have never realized before. This life's a test, and I'mdetermined to make the best of it! I'm going to make this week thebest week of my life! Love y'all. Stay classy!Love,Starszy Quackenbush
Picture #1:  They have this thing called "Spring" here.... In a 30 second time
period I walked through hail, into rain, into complete sunlight.... we
don't have that kind of stuff in Gilbert.
Picture #2:  Resting at the bus stop

Picture #3:  Elder Swicegood wanted a quick pic on Sister Edgrens computer in the mission home... lol smacznego!

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