Monday, April 20, 2015

Caring for Others

Hey y'all!
     This week was a really good week! I was able to work a lot on
Caring for Others this week. I always feel like when I pray for the
ability to love others and work towards that goal, I'm always blessed
with situations where it's really hard to love others/be caring/etc,
which sometimes makes me ask myself WHY I would pray for such
experiences... but I absolutely love being able to progress and work
towards becoming more Christ-like. I also had a goal to leave the
house with a smile(to facilitate having a better attitude about what
we're out here doing). It was way cool to see the difference between
the times that I did start the teaching blocks with a smile, and those
times that I didn't... attitude is everything! I also tried to be less
selfish and give of myself to others throughout the week. It makes me
so much happier when I am concentrating on blessing the lives of
others instead of just focusing on me.:) This next week, I am working
on a few different things 1)Loving it 2)Being even bolder and giving
up on people less 3)Focusing. I'm really excited for this upcoming
week to learn myself, and to also work with Elders Fotu and Allen.
They are coming into Szczecin for an exchange. Elder Allen is knows
for being a Polish wizard, and Elder Fotu is one of my mission role
models... so I'm way excited!
     Sunday was really cool because the district president, President
Isaac, was in Szczecin for church. Also, I was able to have a really
cool  meeting with Elder Gay and Jan Tamborowski. Elder Gay and I were
also able to meet with Agnieszka, an eternal investigator, and help
her continue to work towards a baptismal date. I gave a talk about
Baptism in Sacrament meeting, and it was super cool because I didn't
actually write it out... I just kinda put ideas down on a paper and
then let the Polish do it's thing. I'm super grateful for how much the
Lord has blessed me in my life and over the course of my mission,
especially with Polish! We also had a special musical number, and
Elder Jourdan and I had solos, and it was a super neat experience. It
was Miłość ma tu plon... and I can't remember what that is in
English(and the translation is Really rough.... so...)
       It looks like the Lord has blessed me with another trial in my
life-one of the biggest ones I've had yet. I was able to spend almost
the entire day yesterday in a sketchy Polish hospital(Let's be real...
it looked like the hospital from the first episode of Walking Dead).
Thankfully it's not very bad. I've been in contact with a bunch of
doctors, and had a pretty bad scare the last few days-not gonna lie...
they were some of the hardest days of my life- but all is well. I just need to slow down for a
little bit and make sure I don't get hurt further. As I've thought and
pondered and prayed a whole lot the last few days, I've decided that I
really have 2 options. 1)get mad, ask "why me", and maybe even cry,
or 2)trust, love, be diligent, and learn something from this all. I
know that I'm going to have a wonderful and extensive opportunity to
rely on the Lord and to learn more about Him and to come closer to
Him. I'm really excited about that! I've decided that I'm not going to
let this slow down my missionary drive, or affect my attitude, but
that I'm going to keep going(carefully of course) and put my trust in
the Lord. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow
through trials and tests, and am determined to prove myself worthy to
stand, even through trials. I know the Church is true. I really do. I
know my Savior lives, loves us, and is always there for us. I love all
of you-make it the best week ever.
Elder Quackenbush
picture: Szpital time!

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