Thursday, July 17, 2014

Four weeks in the MTC

Cześć, wam!!
Jak się macie??
This week has been one for the books! I've learned more about the gospel and about how to be a better missionary this week than any other week so far! this week has also been one of the hardest weeks I've had at the MTC so far... maybe even ever!(except Junior year finals week or working for Pampa in the Summer digging ditches.:)
     So Friday night my throat started to REALLY hurt, but I pushed through with straight missionary spirit and prayers. Saturday morning I woke up before the alarms because my throat was killing me. I went to find a doctor, and of course the doctors were all gone until Monday..... so there's that.  All Saturday and Sunday I was a wreck. Sunday is my busiest day of the week by far as I try my best to fulfill all my zone leader duties and such. I run from meeting to meeting all day long and check on members of the zone, and have sooo many meetings! Those two days, I kept pushing through, just telling myself that I was a missionary and that I could do hard things. Monday morning I work up and couldn't even function. I was SO sick. I have no idea how I even made it out of bed and to class that day. In class, I think I understood 1 word all morning-Robić... all morning. It was terrible. Miraculously, and as an answer to prayers, the front desk called my class and told me I had an appointment at 11, just when I was about to break! Christ was definitely looking out for me. The doctor confirmed I had some nasty virus, and that I needed sleep and liquids(I didn't tell him I'd been running around for like 3 days by that point)...I went back to the residence, and rested while I could. When everyone was ready, the Elders in my zone all gave me a blessing... 15 Priesthood holders all using their Priesthood to bless me. The Spirit was so strong in my room. However, I wasn't blessed to be healed. Instead, I was instructed in other things. The Lord opened my eyes and allowed me to learn a lot from my experience. I know that the Lord was teaching me a lesson, and I'm so glad he loves me enough to give me trials! I learned so much and I'm so grateful! ja wiem że Bóg jest kochającz i jest moj Ojciec Niebieski. Jestem bardzo widyęncynz. I'm feeling so much better, now! I know that the Lord carried me over those days, and continues to carry me, even now!

I am continually surprised at how much the Lord has been blessing me with my Polish. It surprises me when I look back at the day and realize that I understood so much of what my Polish teacher said that day, or how easily I was able to memorize my notecards, or how smooth my testimony went in my last lesson. I know I wouldn't know half the amount of Polish, or be half the missionary I am now, without my Savior Jesus Christ. I'm still realizing every day how incompetent I am without Him! But, I keep giving it my all and let Him worry about the rest!

I'm super excited to be welcoming in all the new Elders into our zone on Wednesday!! I remember how different the first day was for me, and can't wait to help the new Elders through it!! Elder Wilcox and I run a meeting with the newbies and the Sister Training Leaders on Wednesday, and I'm only a BIT nervous... but I can't wait for the adventure!

I'm super sad that all the Bulgarians are leaving this week! Elder Stakebake and Elder Harris and Elder Harper, along with a bunch of the cool Sisters ship out on Tuesday.... I'm really gonna miss them... It'll be weird to not walk into the residence to find Elder Stakebake lying in my bed, or eating all my food... I'm gonna miss them a bunch!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and love and letters! They really helped me through this week!! I'm so grateful to be out here and still have the support and love from all you back home! Do good things, and just keep on loving!! I love you all so much, and I'll talk to you soon!

Na razie,

Starszy Quackenbush

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