Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter #2 from MTC
Hey guys, I'm still doing great! I'm so grateful for all the supportive emails, letters and packages I've received this week! You all know who you are, and you honestly made my week!! This week absolutely flew by! Ever since last Friday I've been telling everyone how it was almost Preparation Day, and all of the sudden it was!
     The Polish is coming so much faster! I'm understanding so much of what our teacher's actually saying! Everyone in my class is so surprised that I'm actiually doing so well after my tougher first week debut...! I kept having to remind them that I'm not actually mentally challenged, but that Polish is just hard for me! I have the biggest box of notecards EVER that help me have so much fun duting study time(like all day every day). I'm loving the experience though!

So in my zone there are a few districts. THere's my Polish district witht he 3 other Elders from my room, there's another Polish District from another room, there's some older Bulgarians/Czechs, and there's fresh Turkish/Bulgarian recruits. Some of my favorite people are the older Bulgarians and Czechs. There's Elder Harris-nicknamed the Gangler-because of his super long arms and legs. Ther's Elder Stakebake, who played goalie at BYU and played some with Real Salt Lake Soccer Club. We get along really well, and are always talking about something! Elder Vennard is a football player from Mesa. He is

recovering from spinal surgery, and is so funny! We get along great because we're both from Arizona. 
I'm sleeping a lot better this week... I think the snacks and treats are helping a ton!!

We pretty much go to class all day(with meals being one of our only breaks), and then everyone gets together(usually on my bed...) and we all talk and mess around until quiet time... it amazes me how my bed hasn't broken yet-we have some pretty big boys on that bed!!

I think 4-Square will end up ruining my life... The other Elders love it and it's just stupid! I always get out, there's no physicality, and I'm absolutely terrible at it 90% of the time!

On the bright side, I have been able to give so many blessings since I got here! It's amazing! Elder Stakebake absolutely destroyed his quad when we were playing soccer last Friday. It was fine until the next morning. That night, he could barely walk, so we got all of the Elders in the zone together(there's like 12-16  of us) and we gave him a blessing. Elder Harper annointed, and then Elder Stakebake asked me to give the blessing. It was really hard for me, because I wanted to bless him with health so bad, but the Lord had other plans. As I talked with Elder Stakebake and Elder Harris later on, Elder Harris told me something interesting. Elder Stakebake didn't pick me because he likes me... Elder Harris told me that was actually personal revelation that Elder Stakebake had. The blessing was exactly what Elder Stakebake needed. The Power of the Priesthood is real, and I am so thankful to hold it and to be able to exercise it!

Sometimes when I get down, I think a lot about my FAVORITE quote from my MTC experience so far. It says:
You missionaries are no longer boys, you are Elders. The boys are back home dating your girlfriends... Dating, not marrying.
Good times, good times.

I'm really working on my goal of turning OUTWARDS when I am experiencing trials, instead of turning inwards. That has been one of my goals this week, and It's made such a huge difference!

So Matt and Hayden are here now... I've been looking around, but I haven't seen either of them!! I'm glad they're here... Derek and Max just left this week or last and I miss them!! hahaha

I'd like to publicly thank my Mom for making me play the piano for all those years... it's really paying off. My district and I decided we wanted to do a musical number at the MTC, and are going to sing Come Thou Fount. We got the music, but hadn't found an accompanyist yet, so when we went to practice, I told them I'd give it a shot. I ran through it once, and then played it all the way through while everyone sang, and it was super cool! YOU WERE RIGHT MOM.

It's really sad, but we won't get to go through the temple today or next week because it's closed. Instead we ate breakfast and lunch as a district, I actually got to take a nap, and I wrote some letters! It was such a needed catch-up day for me!!

I'm learning to be patient and not walk so fast that I leave my companion in the dust... and it's getting easier! I love the Elder, and I'm so grateful for Elder Wilcox.

I hope you all are doing well!! Enjoy summer for me, do fun things, be safe, and I'll talk to you soon!! Love you all!

Wiem że kościół jest prawdziwa.
Do Widyenia, Kocham Wy,
Starszy Quackenbush

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