Monday, September 22, 2014


I don't even know where to start with this week, this week has been up and down and sideways and backwards, but I've absolutely loved it!
I'll start with an experience that I had over the past two weeks that has been such an amazing blessing in my life, even though it definitely was a tough one for me! Some of the Elders and I go out early in the mornings sometimes and play some soccer on this rubber field a bit from the apartment. We love going out there and playing, and it's such a huge stress-reliever. Two weeks ago, I fell while we were playing( and by "fell" I mean "was taken out by another player") and landed on my knee pretty badly. I thought nothing of it and kept on playing. Later that day, my knee started to Really bug me... but I've always had knee troubles and pains, so I just kept working and running around Kielce like all missionaries do. As the week progressed, and as I walked more and more(btw: when I say we walk in Kielce, I mean it... If we walk as fast as we can, czyli speed-walking, we still won't get there for 20-25 minutes or so... and we do that all day every day), my knee started to absolutely kill. I literally could barely walk. It took me forever and a half to get down and up the start, because my knee literally barely worked. What freaked me out the most, however, is the fact that European missionaries aren't allowed to go to the chiropractor. They send you home on medical release.... Yeah, that wasn't happening. I was praying to the Lord every night to help me out with my knee. He let me suffer just long enough to realize that there is absolutely no other place on this earth that I would rather be. I wouldn't want to be back home, I wouldn't want to be in some short-term states mission while they fixed my knee, heck... I even considered being on the back of a Dragon snowmobile with perfect snow, jumping snowdrifts. THAT'S how much I want to be out here. Once I realized that, my knee got better within like a day. The Lord blessed me with that trial and with that miracle to help me realize that, and I am so grateful for the opportunity!
This week was great! We had zone conference in Warsaw on Wednesday, and it was So Good!! I got to see a bunch of my boys from the MTC, and I especially loved getting to see Elder Campora and Elder Wright. I almost jumped into Elder Campora's arms when I saw him, I was so happy to see him. I got to meet and talk to a bunch of the Elders and Sisters in the zone, and there are some super cool people out here! I bonded really well with Elder Veggerson from Norway. He absolutely loves soccer, and we got really close really fast! At the conference, we learned how to plan better. I learned SO much, and have been working hard this week to incorporate what I learned, and to do better with that! I also got to play the piano for the conference, and it was super cool!
The Lord is definitely blessing us here in Kielce. We have been Searching EVERYWHERE for a possible future Priesthood holder here in Kielce. We need one SOO badly. The Lord blessed us this week with TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS, and one golden potential investigator, All Males. I am SO pumped!
Miracle time: Last week I talked about placing my first solo Księga Mormona... well I didn't end up actually being able to get his number. I saw him this week on the street with Elder Blom. We went over and talked to him, and I asked him a bunch of follow-up questions. I asked if he read from the book(yes), if he prayed about it(yes), and if he received an answer that it was true(Also Yes!)! We got his number, and set up a meeting for Saturday! It was such a miracle from the Lord, and I am SO grateful!
I got the sweetest letter from Paige and Brooklyn and Aunt Jamie, and it was seriously like the best day of my life! It was sooo good to get a letter from them!
Elder Blom is making me go on a healthy diet so I don't get fat... I guess people love me less when I'm chubby...? So that starts today. Not exactly super excited for that, but we'll see how it goes!
Last Sunday, Elder Torres was singing while I was playing prelude music, and the Branch President asked us if we'd do a musical number in church in like 5 minutes... so we played A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, and it was super awesome!
Next Sunday is Elder Quackenbush day or something I guess... It's branch conference, so people are coming into town for sacrament meeting, and I'm giving the only assigned talk, and playing a musical number... so that'll be interesting!! haha
I'm loving every second here in Kielce. I smile all the time and it's such a joy being able to walk down Sienkiewicza and talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I absolutely Love It!
Love you all back there, keep it real!
Elder Q

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