Monday, October 13, 2014

Sept 29th...another great week in Kielce

What's up, fam?
     This week in Kielce has been an absolutely amazing one! I started off the week on an exchange with Elder Torres. He's one transfer ahead of me, so we both pretty much don't know anything... I absolutely loved it since I got to take a HUGE role in talking to people and maneuvering around sticky situations, and trying to help investigators with their problems... it was the best!! While on the exchange, we visited Ella, the first member in Kielce. She's this sweet old babcza who loves to share her testimony with ANYONE.(But watch out, because sometimes tithing or other potentially harmful subjects have been know to come up... she's the best!! haha) She fed us some weird vegetable mixture with polish sausage and who knows what else... and it was surprisingly pretty good! But wait, there's more... If you know me well, you know how much I DON'T like hard-boiled eggs, and how much I DON'T like mayonaise... well she gave us hard-boiled eggs and... wait for it... ENTIRE SPOONFULS OF MAYONAISE on top of each egg... and in Poland, they don't let you stop eating. Ever. So I had to down like 5 of those bad boys, and it was such a funny experience...! She actually adopted me as her Polish grandchild, so that's something good that came out of it! She also told us of how she saw the path to heaven when she fell and hit her head a few months ago... and I really don't know what to believe, so I just smile and nod my head and laugh when everyone else is laughing... it's great.
     We didn't have much time to contact this week since we were super busy getting ready for the Jestem Mormonem(I'm a Mormon) fireside that we had in Kielce on Saturday... but we did get to go out once or twice. I decided to split off of Elder Blom for a little while, and contacted this younger woman on a bench who was smoking. She let me sit down and talk with her, and we had the most amazing discussion and I taught her the Restoration lesson. It was SO cool! The Lord definitely helped me understand her and be able to speak my mind, and I was blessed with the Gift of Tongues... and it was amazing! She took a Księga Mormona, and I'm hoping something will come of it!
     The Jestem Mormonem was a HUGE success. We spent like 2-3 SOLID days in the chapel preparing for it, and making everything look nice and clean, and preparing videos and Mormon Messages. We didn't even have time to eat a real meal for like 2-3 days... just a roll of bread and some cheese, and maybe a chocolate bar late at night... it was great! hahaha pretty much we had a super spiritual message from the Branch President, President Najberg(He's the MAN), and then the missionaries presented about themselves to show that we're normal people, too, and not some weird cult. (That's what was on the flyers we passed out. We are not a cult. Seriously. Come for a night with the Mormons) or something like that... we had a huge turnout! Members and investigators from Kielce and Kraków came and it was definitely a good thing! I got to play Waterfall for them, as part of my talent, and they loved it! It was super sweet.
     Elder Blom and I had a pretty funny experience this week. We were both super tired and frustrated from the day on like Friday(plus he had just beaten me in chess), so there was some tension in the apartment. He loves to wrestle, and I told him not to wrestle me that night, but he did anyways and tried to put me in a cradle. I don't even know what happened, but I body-slammed him so hard on the ground that his head whip-



lashed and hit the couch... then we were both mad.haha We pretty much had a fight to the death for like 3 minutes-resulting in him having a fat lip and the start of a black eye, and me having a black eye and some gnarly bruises on my biceps... and I don't think we've ever been closer before! haha
     So at church yesterday, which was Branch Conference, I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. I had had like no time to prepare it since we were so busy all week, so I finished it up that morning and went for it! The Lord blessed me with His Spirit! I was calm, I knew what I had to say, and I was given things to say that I had never planned for... and it was amazing! Then, I played a special musical number, and the Lord definitely helped me with that one, too! The Spirit was there, and they were super grateful for it!
     The Lord is definitely watching over and blessing us so much! I know He Lives and that He hears our prayers! I love being a missionary, even when it's freezing, and I'm tired, and don't want to go out contacting, and it's the best!
     Love y'all, make it a great week!
Elder Quackenbush

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