Monday, October 13, 2014

October 6th...

Hey fam!
Hope y'all are doing well and doing good things!
This week was super sweet! I had some really amazing experiences! I started off the week on an exchange with Elder White!

On Tuesday night, we had a lesson with Marta(She's getting BAPTIZED on Saturday... the Church is Soooo True!). The problem was, he had read an article from an ex-missionary that had her doubting Everything she had learned. I was SO mad... I sat there just fuming for part of the lesson. But, Elder White and I shared experiences and scriptures, bore testimony, and both cried right in front of her... and the Spirit was there, and the Lord softened her heart, and we got a text later that night that she knows the website isn't true!! By the end of the lesson, she had taken my badge, and was taking selfies with my badge and a KsiÄ™ga Mormona as a missionary... It was great!  It was a miracle and it was the coolest thing ever. We also went out to visit a guy named Piotr. He's an amazing guy, but kinda went apostate soon after his baptism... but he needed some service. So we went out(on Tuesday and Wednesday, because we couldn't find his house the first day.) and we lifted these 200-300 pound heaters for him and carried them all the way out to his garage. We talked with him, and when we were done, he invited us inside. He gave me a bible, and told me to pick an interesting verse that we could talk about. The Spirit whispered to my mind to share Joshua 24:15- about "Serving the Lord". I had actually thought it was a different scripture, but I shared it anyways, and I bore testimony in Polish and we talked for a little while. The verse hit this guy SO hard. It definitely was from God, because he invited us to come back and talk about Joseph Smith and the church another time..... The Church Is True. That was one miracle, and the other miracle that happened, is happening, and hopefully will continue to happen... He told me that my Polish is really good. I told him I'd been there for 6 weeks and almost didn't believe me. He told me that within a year, I would speak Really good Polish(He even toasted Elder White because he thought he was my trainer).... Like What? Trust me... I know that I am nothing of myself... I have actually realized just HOW imperfect I am... and how much I need to improve... But I realized that the Lord truly has been helping me. Nothing I've done, no studying I've done or conversations I've had or people I've talked to could have helped me learn Polish like I have. The Gift of Tongues is 10000% real. I know it. The fact that I can even speak ANY Polish is a testimony to that! I know God lives, and I know that He has been helping me and supporting me every day of my mission, and helping me with my Polish! I am so grateful to Him and so grateful for all He does for me!
On Friday, we were blessed AGAIN as we planned for next week. We decided to make this week a "Heaven Week"... meaning 120% go-go-go always contacting and making calls and following up and hitting the streets harder than we've ever thought possible-in order to find the one who needs the gospel, here in Kielce." We planned for FOUR hours straight. (you should see my planner right now... it's a colorful and beautiful mess of reminders and plans and notes and lessons and general conference notes. It's super sweet!) We are ready to rock it this week, and push out the last full week of my first transfer!
I saw another huge miracle this week... I've been Senior Companion this week... meaning I lead the planning and have the phone, and keep in contact with investigators and make calls and call members to remind them of things... and I've been loving it! As Senior Companion, I got to teach institute on Thursday night almost completely by myself for an hour. I was super scared, since I had almost NO time to prepare for it(Exchange with Elder White), but I said a prayer of faith, and went for it! The Spirit was in that meeting, and I was so grateful! I just had to stand up there and follow the Spirit, and say what He told me to! It was super cool and the meeting went really well! It was a blessing from the Lord, and I know I couldn't have done Anything like that without Him and the Spirit!

We're still playing soccer in the mornings... and I'm loving it! Me and Elder Torres are always on the same team, and we both take on Elder Blom and Elder White.(Those are the fairest teams) We have a really good time, and it's always a good game because every single one of us is super competetive!
We're singing a song for Marta's baptism on Saturday. Mateucz(her ex-boyfriend turned best friend) is playing the guitar, and we're singing for everyone as a surprise to her! I'm super excited, and we've been practicing hard for it!
Thanks for all the love and support... keep doing good things, and know of my love!
Elder Quackenbush

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