Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Week

Hey fam!
Oh my goodness... what a week we had this week! The Lord really blessed us this week as we worked and worked and worked!  I'm so grateful for Elder Weiler and his good work ethic... it really helps us get things Done out here in Szczecin, and the Lord has been right there by our side!
So I got to meet Jacek. He's a member that lives Way outside of Szczecin, and he's super strong, but can never come to church! This guy is like 5'2, and has energy like the Breinholts... i.e. a LOT :) We were able to meet with him for a little while while he was in Szczecin, and it was suuuper cool!
Lech: So I don't even know where this guy came from. He is literally the most prepared person I've ever met. We just gave him one of his last commitments before baptism, and he's set! Next Friday, the 14th is the date... and we're so excited!  He is also prepared and accepted the call to receive the Priesthood after his confirmation.... I'm so excited for him!!
Older Lech: So this is a miracle... Old Lech was a past investigator that Elder Weiler and I found while calling through the area book. We called, and he said: "Brothers! Why haven't you called me in so long??"........ so we met with him this week. He had a baptismal date like a year ago, but relapsed on alkohole(I don't know how to spell it in english anymore... oops ) right before his baptism.  We brought Serguisz, and taught him the Word of Wisdom in no uncertain terms...(Well, Sergiusz did... the Spirit was just spitting words out of his mouth) and Lech agreed to try his best to live it! We encouraged him, and he's going for it! He told us he wants to set a baptismal date soon after he switches his work... so we're pumped! and then, he came to church Sunday. If that's not a miracle.. .then I don't know what is!!
So Jan is a member, and he's a master on the piano. He plays by ear kinda like Mckenna Breinholt. He is secretly writing a song for Lech's baptism. He found out I play the piano, and this week, we put two pianos together at the chapel, and he gave me the chords for the song, and we put it together as a kinda duet. It sounds sooooooo sweet, and I'm so grateful for it! We're going to play it at Lech's baptism I think!
So I actually kinda got Halloween... like the most legit Halloween of my life. Elder Weiler and I purposely saved all our meal time for the day until nighttime on November 1st... which is All Saints Day in Poland. Then, we went to the 3rd(the Poles were wrong.. it's not the first) biggest cemetery in Europe, and just walked through. It was the foggiest night I've ever experienced, and cold and thick enough that we could feel our breaths hitting us in the face. The only lights out in the cemetery where we were, were the candles on the graves. hahah We didn't turn our flashlights on. It was one of the most legit, eerie things I've ever done, but it was SOOO fun!
The Gospel is So True. Let me say that again.... The Gospel is the truest thing on the earth. I am so grateful for the experiences and trials I've had that have helped me realize that even more out here in Poland. Missions are great, life is great-and I'm absolutely loving it, and the gospel is great! Love y'all... keep doing good things!

Elder Q

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