Monday, January 26, 2015

Crazy Keyboards

Id like to apologiye now for the fact that all of mz Zs and Ys are
switched, and that mz 's come out as ą's... Polish computers can be
dumb and their polish kezboards are backwards, and I canąt fix it....
sorrz y'all!

This week was a Reallz good week. of course, I hąve found that all of mz
best weeks were also the hardest weeks of mz mission! I reallz learned
a lot, and had a reallz good time out on the streets with mz boz Elder

We got to talk to a lot of different people this week on the streets,
and taught some prettz cool lessons! We found a few new investigators,
and re+set up with them. Unfortunatelz, nobodz came to our meetings...
However, that does mean that we have lots more time to find Newer
investigators..:! lol gotta love it.

Something reallz cool did actuallz happen with Łukasz this week. As I
was studzing mz scriptures, the Holz Ghost whispered to me that I
needed to text Łukasz(who's been out of town all week helping one of
his cancer patients) and promise him that if he read his Księga
Mormona, that he would better know how to help Maria(thats her name).
We texted him, and he told us that he had actuallz alreadz been
reading his Book of Mormon, and absolutelz loved the invitation and
promise. He is reallz coming along, and I am so blessed to be able to
see him grow in faith and testimonz!

I also was able to give President Isaac(The District President for
Northern Poland) a blessing zesterdaz. He has some severe health
problems, and was visiting our branch for church zesterdaz. I was able
to give him a priesthood blessing, and the Spirit was in that meeting
so stronglz. I was literallz given what to say to him in the blessing,
and he was so happz afterwards for the blessing that he received.
   I know that the Lord runs his church, and I am incredible grateful
to hold the Priesthood authority of God. I know the church is true,
and I am SO verz grateful for it!

Love y'all! make it the best week of zour life!
Love Elder Q

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