Monday, January 26, 2015

Super Swell Week

Hey fam!

This week was a super swell week. Miracles happened every single day,
and I really loved my missionary work this week!

I started off the week with an exchange with Elder Blunt. I brought
him into my area(Szczecin North), and we had an amazing time. We met
so many crazy-amazing people who were so prepared. I don't even know
what happened, but the Lord and His Spirit were definitely with us! We
taught an amazing couple who had lived in Australia, we taught a woman
who wants to learn more with her son, and we met Gedek(who we are
still trying to have a meeting with... unfortunately he hasn't been
able to make any of our meetings. Also, I had such a touching
experience with a younger mother on a hill, somewhere up towards
Warszewo. Elder Blunt and I met her while she was on a walk with her
two kids. We had the Spirit with us, and just followed the Spirit.
This poor lady has had the hardest life, ever. Everything has gone
wrong. She now works 16 hours a day, is alone, and semi-recently lost
her mother. We really got to know her, and testified of God's love,
and God's plan for us, and of the power of prayer. I started tearing
up in the rain as I talked with this woman(now crying) about the
gospel. I felt the Spirit so strongly, and just hope that she did,
too. Unfortunately, she couldn't believe in God after what has
happened, and even denied my request to pray right there on the
street. She didn't accept the gospel, yet, but she really needed that,
and a seed was definitely planted.

Mission Conference with Elder Charles(member of the quorum of the 70)
was the most amazing experience, ever. It took us 2 days, but we got
down to Warsaw, and had the most amazing mission conference, yet. It
is my absolute favorite to be together with the Elders and Sisters in
Poland. I got to see Sister Kuchar, Sister Benson, Elder Wilcox, and
Elder Jeffs(I've missed them a ton since the MTC), and got to meet a
whole bunch of new missionaries. I was also able to have a personal
interview with Elder Charles(they selected 8 missionaries "by
chance"... czyli dzięki Bogu I got to talk with Elder Charles. He
opened me up like a book, and told me about myself and my mission. He
told me that he knows that my mission has been a hard one, and helped
answer some questions I had been having about how I can become a
better missionary, and more specifically, how I can personally deal
with the rejection that is so prevalent in Poland. I felt the Spirit
so strongly, and am so grateful for the opportunity to be uplifted by
the Spirit. The Spirit was felt so strongly throughout the entire
mission conference-I really learned a lot about what I can do, and
what things I can apply to my missionary work in the future!

OH MY: We found Romald, again....! Miraculously, we ran into him on
the street, and he invited us over AGAIN to his house this past
Thursday. We had the most amazing meeting with him and his wife about
the gospel. They are so open, and so ready. We left them with Book of
Mormons, and gave them chapters to read(2 Nephi 31 and 3 Nephi 11-
some of the best chapters ever). We have a return meeting this
upcoming Thursday!

We got let in Tracting!!!!! We taught a man and his wife in their
Polish livingroom on their Polish couch drinking their Polish
fruit-tea for almost 2 hours. We testified of truth, were bold, and
taught them about God and about his relationship to us. Unfortunately,
they got all hung up on the fact that God is perfectly loving, and
thus shouldn't expect us to keep commandments or to pray.... They're
so close, but they just need a little bit more time. We left with our
testimonies, and in good feeling. They'll be ready one day!

We met with Paweł about the gospel last night, and it was the coolest
thing ever. We had been meeting with Paweł about 2 or 3 months ago,
and he had finally decided to start meeting with us for real about a
week or two ago. We had Sergiusz with us on the lesson, and taught a
solid Restoration. The Spirit was there so strongly. He told us that
he knows the church is true and that he knows that baptism is coming.
He just doesn't want to rush it. We tried getting him a date that he
could work towards, but he wouldn't accept. We will continue to meet
with him and help him work towards baptism... I'm so excited!

Miracles are happening, up here! I'm LOVING every second I have to be
a missionary, and it's flying by. I'm already over 7 months old in the
mission.. how crazy is that?? This next week is going to be an awesome
week, and I can't wait for what's in store! Make it the best week of
your lives! Love you all!

Elder Quackenbush

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