Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One of the best weeks of my mission....maybe

So what you're about to hear is the recap of like the best week of my entire mission. Please sit forward, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and  just wait for it.......

lol jk but really, this week was one of the best weeks of my mission!! Miracles happened Every Single Day, and  we were absolutely blessed SO much.

On Monday, we had a chance to meet with my boy Jacek, a less-active. He's the Polish Mario, and I just love that guy. We read with him out of the Book of Mormon, and had a really spiritual meeting with him. It was really good.

So Tuesday we had a lot going on. We did a whiteboard which was completely led by the Spirit. We prayed for guidance, and then four missionaries, a Ukrainian and a whiteboard traveled around the city just following the Spirit. On our journey, we met so many cool people. A dude came up to ME and asked for an Ulotka with our chapel address and information because he has been wanting to come so badly for a long time now. He told me he would be there this next Sunday... so that was super cool! The other Elders talked to a younger guy from Turkey(you have to know the background.... it's long, but essentially they only have 12 missionaries allowed there and weird rules where they can only talk about the gospel is people ask Them about it... My boy Elder Firth is there right now.) So that was sweet! We ended up having a rather rough street-teaching session on the way home from the chapel late at night for our late dinner, and we ran into a bunch of different JW's.... I'm learning charity this transfer, and God's really been giving me JW's to teach me Christ-like love.... so there's that. Pretty close to home, we contacted this 35 year old guy named Łukasz. (Lucas) He stopped, took his headphones out, and listened. We taught him an entire first, and he really wanted to meet again! He gave us his business card(he's a business-owning Dietritionist, and he's very successful), and we set up for the next night(Wed.) We were stoked... like the stoked where you get home, give your companion a huge hug and then just start praying in thankfulness. When we got home, though, I got SO sick. No details but pretty much I was dying. I went over to the Gay's apartment, and Elder Berlin and Elder Gay gave me a Priesthood Blessing. The Priesthood is so real. I love the Priesthood power.

I was completely fine the next morning(miraculously), and we ended up meeting with Łukasz the next day at the chapel, and he brought his friend Paweł (Paul)! We taught them about, and read a good portion of the Book of Mormon with them, in English. (pretty much most of the prepared people here, in Poland, speak English...). Paul ended up having to leave early, and as he walked out, he told us he had to go, and that he didn't feel good to be in our chapel, because he had just had 2 beers before. That was pretty sweet. Elder Berlin and I kept teaching him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He ate everything up, and we invited him to be baptized at the end of the lesson. He told us "Zobaczymy"... czyli we'll see...!

We ended up meeting some other cool people on the street. We talked to a younger guy who wants to meet with us next Friday at 13, we talked to a cool family who was really interested, and ended up taking an Ulotka, a guy named Abr who's Muslim and who we got to teach a lesson to about Jesus Christ, and we talked to this other guy named Łukasz. It was the coolest thing ever. It was a really scrambled street lesson, I was just trying to follow the Spirit, and essentially rolled through part of Jesus Christ, part of the Book of Mormon, and part of latter-day revelation. He was way interested, and wants to meet, but has to go to Warsaw this week because he has some problems with his heart. We exchanged numbers, and told him we'd love to meet when he gets back, and something really cool happened. He stopped, looked at us, and told us that he had been praying to God for God to give him someone he could call and talk to. God is preparing his children, here in Poland, for sure!
Saturday we got to meet with our investigator from Africa named Eddie. At the beginning of the lesson, he freaked me out by starting to talk all about how he's a religionist, and made it sound like he doesn't even believe that much, but rather likes to just find out about religions. We listened to the Spirit, and answered his questions, and taught the Plan of Salvation. By the end of the lesson, he was doing so much better. He knows that he can pray to know about the Book of Mormon and our church-if they are true or if they are not. He knows that he wants to read the Book of Mormon, even a few times, and he knows what's coming. We were so excited to be able to meet with him! We also got to go to Zbyszek's house Saturday morning and meet in his little Polish room with him. It is such an experience to be sitting on a Polish person's bed with almost nowhere to put your feet and talking about prayer and Christ, and our Heavenly Father. Man, I love missionary work.

On Sunday, we got a call from Łukasz that he wanted to meet Again. We set up with him for Sunday night. He came(without Paul this time-there was a party or something). We checked up on his reading and praying. He told us he has been praying ALL the time, but that he hasn't been reading, because he gave his Book of Mormon to Paul, who he said needed it more at the time. We had the most spiritual meeting I've ever had with him. Elder Berlin and I were being TOTALLY led by the Spirit. We both were opening up to the same scriptures that had popped into my head, and we both were talking about the Priesthood, and bearing testimony, and telling him that we KNOW that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We talked a lot about baptism, and he knows that the road he is on right now to clean himself and to do good things is leading him here. He knows and has told us multiple times that there are no coincidences, and that there is a reason that he is meeting with us. When Łukasz get's baptized, he is solid enough to put the Szczecin branch on his back. I know it, and I'm so excited for it!

I KNOW THAT THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE! I love it with all my heart, and I absolutely LOVE being a missionary! This is the Lord's work, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it! Love y'all, make it the best week of your lives!
Elder Q

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